Mountain Dew Officially Unveils Its Dew-Infused Habanero Hot Sauce

Weeks ago, the MTN Dew team hosted a poll in which fans could vote for the pepper base of a hot sauce the company wanted to make. Though it may have seemed like a late April Fool's Day prank, it turns out the product is 100-percent real — and it's taken another major step in finding its way to your pantry. Friday morning, the beverage-maker unveiled the hot sauce, showing off the bottles of the product for the first time on its social media profiles.

As this is a collaboration with NBA superstar Joel Embiid, Embiid's likeness is prominent on the face of the bottle as the label reads "Joel Embiid's Hot Habanero" in big stylized lettering. Below that, you can see the iconic MTN DEW logo; on the back, there's a heat "rating" of the sauce. In this case, the habanero sauce is rated at a full five peppers — so it's pretty dang hot.

The bottle describes it as a "citrus and habanero flavor mash up," or a "hot sauce with the flavor of DEW." The social media posts accompanying the promotional images say the sauce "has the distinct citrus flavor that DEW fans know and love, but spicier."

If you're hoping to get one of these bottles for yourself, you may want to follow all DEW social media profiles. Made by Texas-based hot sauce superstore iBurn, the word is only 500 bottles of this flavor have been bottled and will be made available to the public in some shape, way, or form. It's unclear at the moment how or when the sauce will be available.

The news of a DEW-flavored hot sauce comes months after the brand announced its first-ever sanctioned cocktail with Red Lobster. Available now at Red Lobster locations, fans of the soda can order a DEWgarita, a traditional margarita with a DEW-flavored base. According to PepsiCo exec Hugh Roth, the DEWgarita is the first of many products the brand is looking to branch out into other than soda.


"Red Lobster and PepsiCo both understand how much food and beverages enhance memorable moments, from casual gatherings with friends to milestone celebrations," Roth said in a release at the time. "With both of our brands on deck to wow guests, we can't wait to dream up more phenomenal flavor pairings together to bring some very special offerings and experiences to the table."