MTN Dew Reportedly Making Frost Bite Permanent, Adding Zero Sugar Variation

All signs are pointing towards another MTN DEW flavor joining the line as a permanent flavor. Last [...]

All signs are pointing towards another MTN DEW flavor joining the line as a permanent flavor. Last week, PepsiCo announced Major Melon as the first permanent flavor in over a decade. Now, it looks Frost Bite could make a similar move in the coming months. Introduced at the onset of quarantine-related lockdowns last year, Frost Bite is a blue, melon-flavored drink that was initially set to be a limited-time release.

Thanks to stellar sales, it looks like the Walmart limited release is now becoming permanent. Not only that, but pictures obtained by the popular snack-tracking Instagram account @CandyHunting show a Zero Sugar flavor also being introduced.

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"New Zero Sugar Mountain Dew Frost Bite is expected to launch in early spring! Frost Bite is described as "a burst of icy refreshment and cool melon," @CandyHunting writes. "Both the regular and Zero Sugar are Walmart exclusives. The regular was supposed to be a limited edition, but was later changed to a permanent exclusive flavor."

Though Major Melon is available at most retailers nationwide, it's likely Frost Bite — and Frost Bite Zero Sugar, for that matter — will remain a Walmart exclusive soda. It'd be a similar arrangement to that DEW struck with Dollar General for the store-exclusive Maui Burst flavor.

"Dollar General fans have always embraced the MTN DEW Maui Burst flavor with enthusiasm. Their excitement translated on social media and at the registers," MTN DEW marketing chief Nicole Portwood said in a statement last January. "We're thrilled to respond to fans by making Maui Burst permanently available at Dollar General."

Last week, Portwood had this to say about Major Melon, "Watermelon is a truly transportive taste, evoking feelings of freedom and nostalgia. As a brand, Mtn Dew is always pushing the envelope to bring DEW Nation the next bold taste that they crave in a way only DEW can. We found watermelon to be the number one choice of flavors tested amongst our fans, and MTN DEW Major Melon is our answer for those who are looking for a refreshing charge to keep them invigorated all day long."