MTN DEW Officially Announces First New Permanent Flavor in a Decade

It's official — MTN DEW Major Melon is the latest permanent flavor to join the ever-growing line of DEW beverages. Leaked last year through advance marketing material, the beverage started to show up in retailers within the past few weeks. Now, PepsiCo has distributed a statement confirming Major Melon — the classic DEW concoction with a watermelon twist — is the first flavor since MTN DEW White Out (2010) to be added as a permanent flavor.

The drink will be available in both regular and Zero Sugar alternatives and should be available wherever MTN DEW products are sold. Major Melon will be available in a 12-pack of 12 oz. cans, 20 oz. bottles, 2 liter bottles, and a "variety of other single and multipack sizes." Suffice to say, PepsiCo is going all-in on this new DEW flavor.

"Watermelon is a truly transportive taste, evoking feelings of freedom and nostalgia," DEW marketing VP Nicole Portwood said in a statement. "As a brand, Mtn Dew is always pushing the envelope to bring DEW Nation the next bold taste that they crave in a way only DEW can. We found watermelon to be the number one choice of flavors tested amongst our fans, and MTN DEW Major Melon is our answer for those who are looking for a refreshing charge to keep them invigorated all day long."

Though White Out was the last permanent flavor added as a wide-release beverage, the DEW brand has been busy establishing retailer-exclusive flavors as of late. In 2019, the company struck a deal with Dollar General to concoct the pineapple-flavored Maui Burst DEW. More recently, DEW and Walmart released Frost Bite, a beloved flavor that has since become a favorite amongst DEW aficionados.


The beverage is now available both at most major retailers in-person and online.