MTN DEW Announces Frost Bite Zero Sugar

Another new flavor is coming to the MTN DEW stable. Monday morning, the soda brand announced it's [...]

Another new flavor is coming to the MTN DEW stable. Monday morning, the soda brand announced it's officially introducing a no-sugar version of MTN DEW Frost Bite. Beginning March 22nd, MTN DEW Frost Bite Zero Sugar will be available exclusively at Walmart stores, much like its full-sugar counterpart.

According to a release distributed by PepsiCo, Frost Bite Zero Sugar looks to be a limited-time offering available in 20 oz. bottles and classic 12 oz. 12-packs. Furthermore, the main Frost Bite product will also add a 24-pack to its lineup, in addition to the 20 oz. bottles and 12-packs it already has.

Earlier this year, snack-tracking Instagrammer @candyhunting obtained early product photos of the Frost Bite Zero Sugar packaging, feature a black label and logo similar to the branding with the main MTN Dew Zero Sugar product. Now, it's officially happening.

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This time last year, Frost Bite was introduced to the masses as a Walmart exclusive flavor. Though it was supposed to be a limited-time offering at the time, Walmart has since made it a permanent offering due to its popularity amongst DEW aficionados.

The two Frost Bite offerings are another example of DEW's growing business model of store-exclusive flavors. It's had deals in place with fast-food restaurant for years — see Taco Bell and Baja Blast or KFC and Sweet Lightning; but now, the brand is branching into retail stores with bottled and canned products.

In addition to Frost Bite at Walmart, Dollar General is home to the store-exclusive MTN DEW Maui Burst, a tropical pineapple-flavored variation of the drink.

"Dollar General fans have always embraced the MTN DEW Maui Burst flavor with enthusiasm. Their excitement translated on social media and at the registers," MTN DEW marketing chief Nicole Portwood said in a statement last January. "We're thrilled to respond to fans by making Maui Burst permanently available at Dollar General."