MTN DEW Baja Blast's First Two Spinoffs Have Officially Hit Stores

It looks like the 100 Days of Baja are officially underway. Over the weekend, eager MTN DEW fans began to discover the two latest flavors to join the DEW portfolio out "in the wild," as they say: Baja Punch and Baja Flash. Both inspired by Taco Bell's MTN DEW Baja Blast, both new additions serve as the foundation for the soda's 100 Days of Baja promotion, where DEW drinkers can redeem codes for various prizes. One lucky winner will even win a $100,000 cash prize.

The arrival of the flavors was revealed earlier this year when designs for the bottles and can boxes surfaced online. Baja Punch is Baja Blast combined with tropical punch flavors while Baja Flash is a mixture of Baja Blast and pineapple/coconut flavors. Popular Instagram snack-trackers Marcus and Matthew (@mnmtwinz) shared that they obtained the new flavors at a ShopRite in Monroe, New York.

"These flavors hit just like Baja Blast, but quickly swerve and switch lanes, offering a nice change of pace," the brothers wite. "Baja Punch gives you a citrusy pineapple cherry flavor, while Baja Flash is straightforward Pina Colada vibes, heavy on the coconut—which we wish wasn't so strong. But if you prefer more coconut in your drink, this is for you!"

They add, "If you don't want coconut at all, Maui Burst is Mountain Dew's pineapple soda exclusively sold at Dollar General, in select states. Baja Blast still remains our favorite among these 3, but Baja POunch is a VERY close second!" The brothers also mention with one of the codes they redeemed, they won a Baja Blast beach towel as one of the prizes.

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In addition to the rollout of Baja Punch and Baja Flash, regular Baja Blast and Baja Blast Zero Sugar are both returning to stores for a limited time for the promotion.

If you happen to come across Baja Punch or Baja Flash in the wild, you can redeem the cap codes at, a website activated on Friday.