Patrick Schwarzenegger Says His Father Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Doing Million Times Better After Heart Surgery

Last month, legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed he underwent heart surgery in Cleveland. The actor has been keeping fans updated on his status and he appears to be doing well. In fact, he recently posted a video of himself riding a bike and declaring, "I just went on my first bike ride since my heart surgery, and I'm feeling good." Schwarzenegger is not the only person providing positive updates about his health. The actor's son, Patrick Schwarzenegger, also shared some information while chatting with Variety this week.

"It takes some time, but thank God he's a million times better than [he was after] his last heart surgery. I'm super happy it went well. It's scary with COVID happening too," the younger Schwarzenegger revealed. Arnold also went on Reddit after his surgery and shared that his last words before he went under were, "I'll be back."

As for Patrick, the actor will soon be seen in Echo Boomers alongside Michael Shannon and Jacob Alexander. In fact, recently had chat with Shannon and Alexander about the film.

"I really liked the script," Alexander shared. "I had read it a while before, maybe about two years before I actually auditioned for the role. And I had met Seth [Savoy] not too far after I read the script and I just liked his demeanor. He was a calm guy. He knew what he was talking about. I trusted his vision just based off of the way he carried himself. And when we were working together, he proved exactly that. And it was great. There was a lot of pressure getting that project done, but he really held it together really well. It was great."

"It was a roller coaster trying to get this gone," Shannon added. "Byron Wetzel is one of the main producers on it and he'd get it, it comes together, goes away, come together, goes away. These films, I don't think people realize, I hope they appreciate, if you dig the movie, you appreciate just how hard it is to get to these low-budget indies off the ground. It's kind of mind-boggling. I don't know why it's almost harder to get a small amount of money than it is to get like a hundred million dollars. Just 'cause the bigger budget films tend to be more instantaneously recognizable as crowd-pleasers, while a lot of these smaller films, they can be difficult. They can be uncomfortable, sometimes, to watch."


Echo Boomers hit select theaters, On Demand, and Digital HD today.