Pepsi Blue Is Making a Comeback

For the first time in nearly 20 years, Pepsi Blue is making a comeback. Beginning May 3rd, the berry-infused cola will be distributed to supermarkets and convenience stores across the land. Anywhere Pepsi products are carried, Pepsi Blue will find itself at home on the shelf right next to the regular Pepsi and MTN DEW products.

No store exclusives here, folks. Pepsi Blue will be available anywhere and everywhere Pepsi products are sold. There is one catch, however — it's only available "as supplies last." In a notice sent out by Pepsi, the company appears to confirm this next distribution of Pepsi Blue will, in fact, be a limited-time offering. How limited is not clear as of press time.

The bright blue beverage was first launched in 2002 and marketed as a hip alternative to the regular dark-colored cola. In a bid to market toward teenagers, PepsiCo decided to go with a completely new label design for the beverage while giving it a berry flavor. Eventually, it was pulled from production due to poor sales in 2004. Though it hasn't been widely available in the United States since then, it has sold continuously in other markets such as the Philippines.

"Pepsi Blue has the potential to reinvigorate the cola category," then-Pepsi CEO Gary Rodkin said back in 2002.

Pepsi's been awfully busy within that past year between temporary, novelty releases and permanent expansions. Last Thanksgiving, the chain rolled out a special Apple Pie flavor that ended up fetches hundreds online. This past winter, the company released Cocoa-flavored Pepsi, a tongue-in-cheek jab at their primary competitor.


Then just last month, Pepsi expanded their line with Pepsi Mango and Pepsi Mango Zero Sugar, a new flavor that is set to be a permanent addition to the line.

"Our consumers are always looking for new and exciting flavors, so we couldn't be more excited to introduce them to Pepsi Mango. Our team has created a surprisingly perfect match with Pepsi Mango, combining the delicious taste of Pepsi cola with the flavor of a sweet, juicy mango," said Todd Kaplan, Vice President of Marketing – Pepsi. "Mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and it serves as the perfect complement to Pepsi, creating an irresistible combination that our fans can enjoy everywhere throughout the year."