Popcorn M&M's Are on the Way

Leave it to M&M's to get you out of your theater-less rut. A classic snack for movie-goers everywhere, the treat company is taking the pain out of combining your M&M's and popcorn and instead, going a much more direct route. Over the coming weeks, Popcorn M&M's should start popping up at stores and retailers across the country. Featuring the classic milk chocolate exterior, each candy is filled with the candy's crispy filling. In this case, the crispy part of the snack is flavored like popcorn.

News about the new candy began surfacing earlier in the week via snack-tracking Instagram accounts. The treats will be available in three sizes — the mini, single-serving bag (1.35oz.), a regular shareable size (2.83oz.) and a massive "King size" bag (7.44 oz.)

"They aren't your grandma's M&M's - these are a crispy rice center covered in milk chocolate with popcorn flavoring," @SnackGator said in a post on Instagram. "And holy moly - these are AMAZING! We spotted them at a random tiny gas station in Florida, but they are being seen at Sheetz and other grocery stores now. We aren't sure how long they'll stick around (forever? 🤞🏻) but we hope they do! Are you giving these a shot? 😍"


As teased, it's unclear if these are a limited-time offering or are a permanent flavor so if you're out and about, you might want to pick up a pack to try them yourself.