Red Vines Releasing New Gingerbread Flavors for the Holidays

When most people think about holidays that offer a variety of unique candies, they'll understandably jump to Halloween, but with All Hallow's Eve now in the rearview, there's still some exciting offerings just around the corner to embrace other elements of the upcoming festivities, with the American Licorice Company confirming that this year will see the launch of gingerbread-flavored Red Vines to get you in the spirit of the season. In addition to Red Vines, the company will also be offering seasonal Sour Straws, not only with limited-edition flavors, but also in unique designs. You can grab these seasonal offerings at the American Licorice Company's official website.

The seasonal offerings are as follows:

  • Red Vines Gingerbread Twists: Add the twists into your annual gingerbread house-building activities with friends and family or complete your holiday stocking stuffers with this 4oz tray of twists.
  • Red Vines Original Red Winter Twists: This soft & chewy licorice is the perfect mood-boosting treat for the chilly months!
  • Sour Punch Trees: Mix and match the red and green candy pieces for a very merry flavor mash-up. Each of the pouches has "to" and "from" labels, perfect for gifting to friends & loved ones.
  • Sour Punch Santa Straws: Enjoy blissful snacking with two bright & fruity flavors: apple & berry. These festive Sour Punch Straws are a jolly edition to stockings and gift baskets.
  • Sour Punch Arctic Straws: Sour Punch Arctic Straws come packed with arctic-inspired sour candy flavors, like frozen flurry, arctic avalanche, green glacier, and polar plunge to top off your seasonal eggnog this year.
  • Sour Punch Merry Mix Bites: The bright & fruity flavors include watermelon, green apple, cherry, and berry for this jolly flavor fusion.
  • Deck the Halls with Boughs and Bundles: Each bundle includes all you need to dazzle a colorful and vibrant candy castle with one 9oz bag of Sour Punch Assorted Bites, one 5oz tray of Red Vines Grape Twists, one 8oz bag of Red Vines Original Red Jumbo Twists and one 5oz bag of Red Vines Sugar-Free Strawberry Twists.

You can grab these seasonal offerings at the American Licorice Company's official website and find them on the shelves of local retailers.

Are you looking forward to checking out these flavors? Which are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below or contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk all things horror and Star Wars.