Skittles Giving Away "Zombie Skittles" Halloween Costume

Halloween is almost upon us and while the holiday may look a little different this year thanks to COVID-19 prompting shifts in how we celebrate the fun of the spookiest holiday of them all must go on -- and now Skittles has the perfect costume for social distancing. The candy brand is giving away Zombie Skittles costumes that just so happen to be the requisite six feed wide as well as a special button that lets the wearer release the "aroma of rotten zombie".

The costume is designed to look like the package for Skittles' Zombie Skittles flavor and is a first-of-its-kind creation. The frame of the costume makes up the "package" portion of the costume while helping with social distancing measures while a "Zombie Mode" button that is hidden on the wrist helps out when social distancing just isn't enough. Press that button and the foul smell released will keep even the creepiest ghoul more than 6 feet away.

As candy fans might recall, Zombie Skittles made their way to shelves last Halloween. Each pack of Zombie Skittles features a mix of five fruity flavors: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, and Blood Red Berry. Mixed into those tasty flavors, though, is the repulsive rotten zombie piece. Hidden beneath the candy shell of select pieces in the pack is the rotten zombie flavor that will only reveal itself once you start to chew. That's right, it will come disguised as a delicious flavor only for things to take a rotten turn. The creepy candies have returned this Halloween as well and, just like last year, fans are encouraged to take part in the #DareTheRainbow Challenge. Those brave enough to give Zombie Skittles a try are invited to gather a group of friends, record the experience of trying and ultimately tasting the hidden zombie flavor and share on Instagram with the #DareTheRainbow hashtag as well as tagging @skittles.

As for the Zombie Skittles costume, if you're wanting to get in on that you can't buy them in stores. Fans can get their hands on one of the limited-edition costumes by entering to win on from October 19 through October 23rd. Winners will be selected at random on October 26th and costumes will be shipped directly to winners in time for Halloween on October 31st.


What do you think? Will you try to win a Zombie Skittles Halloween costume? Let us know in the comments.