Snickers Adds New Almond Brownie Candy Bar to Lineup

The Snickers brownie bar line is off to a hot start. Last fall, Mars launched the Snickers Peanut Brownie bar and it has performed so well, the candy company is already introducing another product in the same family. Come this August, the iconic candy bar line will expand with the Snickers Almond Brownie, a bar that features a brownie in place of the bar's traditional nougat.

That brownie filling is then mixed with chopped almonds and topped with caramel. While the Peanut Brownie — and most other Snickers bars, for that matter — are dipped in milk chocolate, this new Snickers Almond Brownie bar will get the dark chocolate treatment.

At launch, the Almond Brownie with Dark Chocolate with be available in three sizes: a single serving (1.26 oz.), the king or sharing size (2.52 oz.), and a stand-up pouch weighing 6.93 ounces.

"After seeing unparalleled excitement for the SNICKERS Peanut Brownie and SNICKERS Peanut Brownie Ice Cream launches, we're excited to deliver on our purpose of better moments and more smiles by unveiling a delicious variation of the bar for our fans," Mars Wrigley brand boss Michelle Deignan in a release distributed by the candy company. "The new SNICKERS Almond Brownie offers a deeply satisfying treat, with a taste and texture only SNICKERS can deliver on."

Its predecessor — the Snickers Peanut Brownie bar — has since expanded into the ice cream game, so it's plausible this new treat will follow suit at some point in the future.

"Since our announcement this summer, fans have shown tremendous enthusiasm toward SNICKERS Peanut Brownie – and now the wait to try our biggest innovation to date is over," SNICKERS brand director Josh Olken said in a statement last summer. "We're excited for all of our fans to get their hands on this new satisfying mashup of two beloved and comforting treats: SNICKERS bars and brownies."


"SNICKERS and brownies are two of America's favorite treats, and we know people love both for the deliciousness and comfort that they bring. So, what could be better than putting them together?" the exec added. "We're excited to release our exclusive first batch of SNICKERS Peanut Brownie for our biggest fans to taste. It's sure to be a delicious treat that brings the ultimate satisfaction."

MSRP or an exact on-sale date was not available as of press time.