The Sour Patch Kids Are Getting Their Own Soda

Orange Crush has been a staple amongst soft drinks since the earliest days of the 20th century and most recently, the company has expanded its line to eight flavors, including strawberry, pineapple, diet orange, peach, grapefruit, and watermelon. Now, sometime in the near future, another flavor will join that lineup...and it's not one you might expect. Sunday morning, leaked photos of a Sour Patch Kids Crush flavor surfaced online, courtesy of @CandyHunting on Instagram.

The account — well known for its soda and snack-hunting abilities — shared the snapshot seemingly taken from within a PepsiCo warehouse. It shows bottles of a blue Crush wrapped up on a pallet, all bearing a label that says it's a berry-flavored Crush and Sour Patch Kids hybrid.

Though the Crush brand is owned by Dr Pepper, PepsiCo currently bottles and distributes the product in the United States and neither company has officially announced the new product. Furthermore, Mondelez International — the parent company behind Sour Patch Kids and dozens of other sweet treats — has yet to break silence on the item either. Because of that, it's unclear just when or where the soda will be available.

It's as good of a time as ever for Sour Patch Kids to go all-in on new products; the brand's been in the news of late for launching a flagship store in New York City. Though it's partially closed because of coronavirus-related restrictions, the store carries nothing but Sour Patch Kids candy and merchandise related to the brand.


"We're excited for the Kids to bring their playful, sour-then-sweet attitude to the Big Apple and make their mark with the first-ever SOUR PATCH KIDS store," Sour Patch Kids brand manager Danielle Freid said in a statement earlier this month. "We created this new experience for our fans to engage with the SOUR PATCH KIDS brand on a whole new level, but of course understand that these are uncertain times. With this store as our new permanent home, we want our fans to know that the Kids aren't going anywhere. We welcome visitors to join us for a colorful, flavorful experience whenever they're ready to explore the city again. The Kids will be waiting!"