Disney World Cancels Annual Super Bowl Winner Parade

Walt Disney World is hitting pause on the Super Bowl parade this year because of COVID-19. What has become an annual tradition of the winning team hitting the park will have to wait until 2022. There’s always an “I’m Going to Disney World” commercial after the big game concludes. (For good measure, most winning quarterbacks give that answer after being asked what they’re going to do in the post-game.) In the long run, it might not be quite so bad. The officials at Walt Disney World actually commented on this yesterday and told the media that there haven’t been parades hosted since the coronavirus pandemic began last year. But, the company is hopeful that things can begin to open back up in the coming months. However, that long-awaited day is still not nearly close enough yet. Check out the statement below:

"Be sure to stay tuned after the big game to catch the commercial on major TV networks and social media!" Disney wrote in a blog post. "Disney Parks hopes to be able to bring back our other Super Bowl traditions next year, including letting football and Disney fans see and cheer on their favorite player in the park."

Disney CEO Bob Chapek delivered a report about the parks and how they were doing during a recent earnings call. It seems that despite some hits early in the pandemic, the company has been able to salvage the situation. In particular, Disney views the Walt Disney World performance as one of the big wins it’s had since things began last year. It remains to be seen what possible day Disneyland or some of the other parks could reopen.

“On the Parks side, we have proven over many months that we’re able to operate our parks responsibly, following strictly enforced guidelines provided by healthcare experts – successfully reopening our parks in Orlando, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong,” Chapek observed. “We also reopened Disneyland Paris for several months, although the resort is now temporarily closed due to President Macron’s recent lockdown order, in response to a resurgence in COVID cases in Europe. People have shown a willingness to visit our parks, which I believe is a testament to the fact that they feel confident in the measures we've taken. And we are very encouraged by the positive news earlier this week on the progress of potential vaccines.”


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Photo Credit: David Roark/Disney Parks