The Office Star Angela Kinsey Reveals Positive COVID-19 Diagnosis

The Office star Angela Kinsey has revealed that she has tested positive for COVID-19. In a recent [...]

The Office star Angela Kinsey has revealed that she has tested positive for COVID-19. In a recent post to her Instagram Story, Kinsey revealed that had started to feel "off" after the rest of her household had tested positive for the illness in recent weeks. She also shared a photo of her rapid test results indicated the positive and noted that she knew the odds were against her since her household had all previously tested positive. The update comes just shy of a week after her Christmas Eve post in which told her followers about her family's situation and noted that she was doing everything she could to stay well herself.

"To bring some of you up to speed, last weekend our boys started running low grade fevers," Kinsey wrote on Christmas Eve. "We got everyone tested and the boys tested positive for Covid. We don't go out and about and have been in lockdown so we aren't sure how they got it."

At the time of the post, Kinsey noted that she, her husband, and daughter had all tested negative and gone into quarantine in the home, but that her husband and daughter then developed symptoms and tested again, this time testing positive. As of then, Kinsey had herself remained symptom free and was still testing negative..

While her COVID status has changed, Kinsey reassured followers that she's doing fine, though she explained in both a regular post and a new Instagram Story that she's very tired. She also explained that she never ran a fever but has completely lost her sense of taste and smell. She also indicated that her husband is doing better and that the kids are "totally fine." She also said that her mother, who had been hospitalized, might be able to go home soon.

Kinsey is best known for playing Angela Martin on the popular sitcom The Office. The series is set to leave Netflix at the end of 2020 and will be headed to Universal's Peacock streaming service. The first couple of seasons of the series will be available for free on the streaming platform but for fans wanting to watch anything beyond that, they will need to subscribe to Peacock.

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