XFL Return Date Revealed in New Trailer From The Rock and Dany Garcia

After playing a few games ahead of the pandemic, and subsequently going out of business, it seemed like the XFL was officially done for a second time. Vince McMahon's football league just wasn't meant to survive. However, the league will be getting a third chance under new ownership, and this time things might actually work out. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Danay Garcia took over the XFL with plans to return to football at some point in the future. On Thursday morning, it was announced that the XFL would be playing games once again in 2022.

The league as a whole will be skipping 2021 in order to prepare and get things in order for a proper relaunch in 2022. Johnson and Garcia made clear in a video announcing the restart of the league that the focus will be on football, and that things are going to work out this time around.

"Some look at this place and only see a football field, but it's more than that," the duo say in the voiceover for the video. "This is hallowed ground. This is an opportunity, to build a league of culture, passion, and purpose. To live a dream. Our work is cut out for us, but we wouldn't have it any other way. This will be earned. We will give it every last ounce of football-loving energy in the tank. And then we'll give it more. Our hearts, our souls. This is for the players, the coaches, the cities, the fans. For stories untold, for potential unrealized. We are hungry, we are humble, and no one will outwork us. The XFL is back. Back for the love of football."

It's unclear at this point how many teams will be involved in the XFL when it returns in 2022, or what significant changes will be made. Eight teams took part in this recent revamp of the league, playing in cities like Dallas, D.C., Houston, Los Angeles, New York, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Seattle. The goal of the league was to provide players an opportunity to prove themselves and try to make it to the NFL. When the league shut down this spring, a few players were given opportunities on NFL teams.

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