Boyz II X-Men Parody Video Released

Xmen Parody Song
(Photo: The Warp Zone)

The Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters has been home to many X-Men and X-Teams over the years, and that has also resulted in plenty of romances along the way.

Those romances have been well cataloged, as well as the risks that came with them. Relationships like Rogue and Gambit's or Cyclops and Jean Grey all came with dangers of their own, including having the memories, powers, and life force pulled from you by Rogue or having an argument gone bad result in your loved one going crazy and trying to kill everyone on the planet.

It makes your worst argument seem tame by comparison, and in a new parody video by The Warp Zone, the crew just wants you to know how much they'll risk (or not risk) just to be in love. It's marked as a parody of 90's love songs, including those by Boyz II Men, and I can see the homage to I'll Make Love To You, complete with bass speaking part, represented here by Professor Xavier. It could even be compared to something like Backstreet Boy's I'll Never Break Your Heart, and either way, the cheesiness is on full display.

The video also includes some interesting pairings. The aforementioned Rogue and Gambit and Cyclops and Jean are followed by Wolverine and Storm and Jubilee and Nightcrawler, though that last one I don't ever remember being a thing. It's a fun video, and definitely worth a watch. You can find more of The Warp Zone's work on their official Youtube page.