Stan Lee Teases His Marvel 10-Year Anniversary Photo Cameo

It's no exaggeration to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn't be what it is today without Stan Lee, not only due to the number of characters Lee created that became integral to the shared universe of films, but also through his leadership in the company's infancy. Marvel Studios recently held a massive photo shoot to honor the MCU's 10th anniversary, which, of course, featured Lee alongside some of the biggest names in the films. The Marvel icon took to Twitter to tease his appearance in the photo shoot.

Lee asked his followers, "Can you spot yours truly in this marvelous photo?" possibly as a reference to his brief cameos in each of the Marvel Studios films, which fans always keep their eyes out for with each new installment in the MCU.

The impressive photo not only brought together stars that have appeared on screen, but also highlighted many of the directors, producers and executives at Marvel Studios who help bring the films to life.

Robert Downey Jr. was featured front and center, as he starred in the inaugural film Iron Man in 2008, alongside Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige. Behind Feige, fans can see Lee and his signature sunglasses and mustache.

Dating back to 2000's X-Men, Lee has made brief appearances in virtually every Marvel-related movie, regardless of the studio producing it. The next cameo audiences can enjoy will be in Black Panther, which Lee recently discussed at a convention.

“I’m a little disappointed in my Black Panther cameo,” Lee joked. “I had wanted a great fight scene where I fight the Black Panther to a standstill.”

The cameo might not have been as action-packed as Lee had hoped, but he still thinks the movie is worth seeing anyway.

“I didn’t get that, but I want you to see the movie anyway,” Lee urged. “Even though it’s not my greatest cameo, you owe it to me to see it.”

Lee has appeared as a Federal Express agent, a strip club DJ and a World War II veteran, and many more. His cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 might have given an in-story explanation for his frequent appearances.

At one point in the film, fans see Lee's character interacting with the Watchers, beings who are tasked with observing the events of the universe while never intervening. Seeing Lee alongside these characters teased that Lee, too, was a Watcher, justifying how he has managed to appear in every corner of the MCU.

Check out Black Panther when it hits theaters on February 16.

[H/T Twitter, TheRealStanLee]

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