Marvel Reveals What Happened to Wolverine's Body

Marvel fans know that Wolverine died and they know that he’s coming back. Now we know a bit about what happened to his body in the meantime.

SPOILERS for The Hunt for Wolverine #1 follow.

Wolverine’s return was first revealed in the pages of Marvel Legacy #1, where Logan was somehow alive and active and in possession of one of the Infinity Stones. Since then, he’s appeared in a series of “post-credits scenes” including in various Marvel Comics releases.

The Hunt for Wolverine #1 goes back in time a bit to reveal an important part of the story of Logan’s resurrection, specifically how he came to be free of his adamantium prison. The Death of Wolverine mini-series ended with Logan’s body, which all of Beast’s best equipment confirmed was dead, completely sealed in adamantium as if he was a statue.

At first, the X-Men decided to place the adamantium “statue” in a hidden cabin that Wolverine kept in Canada as a kind of monument to their friend that people who knew where to find it could visit to pay their respects. The Hunt for Wolverine reveals that this was not actually Logan’s final resting place.

After spending some time in the cabin while other members of the Marvel universe offered their condolences, some of the X-Men become unsettled by the idea of leaving Logan trapped there as his own headstone. Kitty Pryde was called in and, though it puts a great strain on her, she was able to phase Wolverine’s corpse out of its adamantium shell.

Hunt for Wolverine

Beast once again confirmed that Logan was truly dead. The X-Men wrapped the body in an “X” flag and buried in a clearing in a forest, with only the X-Men closest to Logan aware of his location. They believed Logan's body would be safe there, but they were wrong.

The Reavers discovered the location of Logan’s cabin. Believing his body to still be there, they made their way to Canada and tried to the move the adamantium statue, but the X-Men arrive to stop them. After the fight, Kitty decided to pay a visit Wolverine’s grave and discovered the X flag being blown about by the wind. She looked and discovered that Wolverine’s body was missing from his grave, which led her to assemble the X-Men, Wolverine’s teammates from the Avengers and even Daredevil to help find her missing friend.


The issue ends with a shot of Logan elsewhere, apparently being trained by a figure shrouded in shadow.

The Hunt for Wolverine #1 is on sale now. The story continues through four Hunt for Wolverine mini-series - Weapon Lost, Adamantium Agenda, Mystery in Madripoor, and Claws of a Killer.