Marvel Teases Mary Jane Wearing Spider-Man Costume

Tom Taylor has built up Peter Parker's neighbors quite a bit in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, but he hasn't forgotten about Mary Jane Watson, and she'll be returning to the book in a big way according to Marvel's new solicitations. The upcoming description for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 reveals that she'll be the one saving the day in a multitude of ways as it seems this issue will pretty much be all MJ, but the cover teases we'll actually see MJ wearing the Spider-Man suit at some point as well.

The cover shows MJ wearing the classic Spider-Man suit except for the mask, though she is about to put it on. The cover is by Andrew C. Robinson, and you can check it out as well as the official description for Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 below.


• We haven’t seen Mary Jane Watson since #1, but that’s about to change with this almost ALL-MJ issue!
• MJ saves Spidey, helps Aunt May and basically saves the day.
• Face it, readers, you just hit the jackpot.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99"

(Photo: Marvel)

This wouldn't be the first time Mary Jane has worn Spider-Man's costume or a Spider-Man-like costume, though we are definitely interested in why she has to wear it in order to save Peter. We imagine more clues will be revealed in the next several issues, including Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8, which hits this coming Wednesday.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 is written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Ken Lashley with a cover by Andrew C. Robinson, and you can check out the official description for the issue below.

"When things go nuts at the F.E.A.S.T. Center it leaves Aunt May FURIOUS, and no one rests when Aunt May is angry. So Spider-Man has to kick an investigation into high gear into the Prowler and what he’s up to! Peter has a lot of skills, but he is no Sherlock Holmes. The World’s Worst Detective calls on his new ally the Rumor to help him!"


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #8 is in comic stores on June 26th, while Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 lands in stores on September 18th.

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