She-Hulk Series Logo Revealed by Disney+

If you thought Disney+ had revealed all of its goodies at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, think again. The streaming service is on the big stage at D23 this weekend, and it was there Disney confirmed some new titles for the platform. And yes, it turns out She-Hulk will be one of them! Marvel Studios will help bring Jennifer Walters to life in an original series, and you can check out the logo now.

As you can see below, the logo borrows from She-Hulk's usual colors of purple and green. The logo also shows off Marvel's involvement with the project, but fans have gotten few other details about the series as of it.

Of course, fans are excited to see how She-Hulk will factor into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. All of the Marvel shows on Disney+ are unique in that they can directly affect the MCU. For instance, the WandaVision series is said to directly tie into the Doctor Strange sequel as the film will feature Scarlet Witch in some form. Now, She-Hulk has been set to do the same, and fans are crossing their fingers Mark Ruffalo will bring his Hulk to the series.

she hulk
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

After all, She-Hulk has a close connection to Bruce Banner. Jennifer lives a fairly ordinary life until an accident forces her to receive an emergency blood transfusion. She gets the blood from her cousin Bruce, but this transfers over part of the Hulk to her. The heroine receives a milder version of the Hulk which she could transfer between originally, but her green visage has become permanent as of late.


In the past, fans have asked Marvel Entertainment to bring She-Hulk to the big screen, and the rallying caught the attention of Hollywood. Rosario Dawson of Marvel's Daredevil said she would be honored to play the heroine, and fans were quick to do up fan-art of the character. Now, She-Hulk has gotten official approval to join the big leagues with this Disney+ series, and netizens are eager to see when Jennifer will get to team up with the MCU's big-screen heroes down the line.

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