'Deadpool 2': Is This Our First Look at Juggernaut?

04/18/2018 10:42 am EDT

It looks like one of most iconic enemies of the X-Men could be making his return to the big screen this summer.

Last year, during the filming of Deadpool 2, set photos (which have since been removed) sparked rumors that Juggernaut could be appearing as one of the film's villains. Now, nearly 10 months later, a new TV spot for the sequel film seems to be teasing Juggernaut's debut with one, mysterious shot.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) is throwing nearly all of his weight into a punch, and his fist is colliding with a seemingly immovable object. Of course, this has X-Men fans speculating that the hero is going toe-to-toe with Juggernaut, a villain that he fought on numerous occasions throughout the comics.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

Sure, it could be argued that Colossus is punching pretty much anything else in the clip, but take a closer look at the surface with which his fist is colliding. It's made of an armor-like material, it's nicks and scratches all over, and it's shape closely resembles that of a bell, just like Juggernaut's massive helmet.

This has to be Juggernaut, right?

At this point, a villain for Deadpool 2 hasn't exactly been revealed, though many of the trailers have hinted that the movie will mostly be about Deadpool taking on Cable, giving Josh Brolin's character an antagonistic role. However, it's unlikely that the entire movie would go without introducing a true villain, given how many there are in X-Men canon.

If this is in fact Juggernaut, it will be the second time the villain has appeared on the big screen. Actor Vinnie Jones portrayed the character in X-Men: The Last Stand back in 2006.

Throughout the Marvel Comics universe, Juggernaut is the alter-ego of Cain Marko, the step-brother of Professor X. This relationship with Charles Xavier only adds to the notion that Juggernaut could appear in Deadpool 2, considering the trailers have shown Wade Wilson hanging out in the X Mansion, and taking the Professor's wheelchair for a spin.

At this time, there has been no official word as to whether or not it was Juggernaut depicted in the trailer, and there are no solid leads as to who could be playing him.

Do you think this was Juggernaut? Are you hoping to see an epic throw-down between him and Colossus in Deadpool 2?? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below!

Deadpool 2 is currently slated to hit theaters on May 18.

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