AEW's CM Punk Reveals Which Marvel Character He Wants to Write Next

After seven years away from competing in a squared circle, CM Punk returned to the world of wrestling by signing with the upstart All Elite Wrestling (AEW). His dramatic return on AEW Rampage rocked the wrestling world, and led to even more surprise appearances by the likes of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson. While not only known as a wrestler, CM Punk has also dabbled in comic book writing, penning the adventures of Drax the Destroyer and Shang-Chi for Marvel Comics, as well as acting in the STARZ wrestling drama Heels. For his next challenge, CM Punk has revealed the Marvel character he'd like to write next.

"Punisher hand down. Easy," Punk told Bleacher Report. "I almost don't operate that way, either. Because when people present these ideas and opportunities, if I'm not interested in them, then I say I'm not interested. But there might be something that comes across my desk that I haven't even thought of." Fans also wouldn't necessarily associate CM Punk with Shang-Chi, but that didn't stop the AEW star from putting his own spin on the character. "I never thought about writing Shang-Chi. And then they offered it to me and I was like, 'Oh, whoa, wait a second. Like I can really do something fun with that.' And it's the same thing with Drax, too."

Punk adds that in his opinion, some writers' takes on Punisher haven't clicked with him, which is why he believes he can get it right. "I just think The Punisher is one character that I feel, especially in the 2021 political climate, a lot of writers just kind of never get it right. Or at least never get it right in my opinion. It's not the flavor I want from The Punisher, so I think I could tell a pretty good Frank Castle story."

Finally, even though he enjoyed Jon Bernthal's Punisher on Netflix, the characterization still fell short by his standards. "I love Jon Bernthal. I love everything he does. I think he's a very thoughtful actor, so I enjoyed his Frank Castle. And [Netflix] went in a couple of different directions that I never would have thought to go. That being said, by my high standard for Punisher, it still kind of fell short, in my opinion."

Even if CM Punk was offered a Punisher gig, his plate seems pretty full nowadays. He reportedly signed a three-year deal with AEW, and is currently starting a program with MJF. Fans are still going crazy over his appearances, and he's quickly become one of the fan-favorite wrestlers on the stacked AEW roster.

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