This Scene Predicted the 'Agents of SHIELD' Season 5 Storyline

Agents of SHIELD headed not just to space but the future as well in its fifth season, putting the heroes up against the Kree as well as introducing the concept of the multiverse and while fans of the show might not have seen these events coming, Agents of SHIELD itself may just have predicted this all the way back in the first season -- or at least one specific scene.

During the fifth season premiere of Agents of SHIELD, May and Simmons commandeer a trawler that they plan to take and use to send a signal back to Earth. Simmons is able to get the ship started and the two of them pilot the ship away and towards Earth. While they ultimately discover that not only is Earth not very far away and there is no need to send it a signal as the planet is literally in pieces -- something reinforced by the school bus floating by them -- May piloting the trawler turns out to be something the show foreshadowed all the way back in season one.

Back during the season one episode "The Well" Skye (now Daisy) asks May if piloting an alien spaceship is on her bucket list. The scene happens in context of the team being stuck cleaning up after Thor's battle with Malekith. The Asgardians are revealed to be aliens who came to Earth a very long time ago and Skye asks a lot of questions as the idea of gods really being aliens is new to her. She finally says that she wishes the Asgardians had left their alien ship behind and when May asks if she wishes that so they could clean it up, too, Skye explains that she'd like to take said alien ship for a spin before asking if "Come on, you're telling me piloting an alien ship isn't on your bucket list?"

In the episode, May gives her an intrigued look in response. Now, four seasons later May is getting her chance to just that but interestingly, May was also correct in what she originally suggested in response to the idea of the alien ship. The team may find themselves with a lot of cleaning up to do, having been sent through the Monolith to a strange, dystopian world.

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