Alex Ross' Black Panther #12 Cover Kicks T'Challa Out the Avengers (Exclusive)

T'Challa is on the verge of being kicked out of the Avengers. Marvel's relaunched Black Panther series from acclaimed writer John Ridley has seen T'Challa's deepest, darkest secrets come back to bite him, leaving him a former king without a kingdom. Black Panther had secretly created a sleeper agent program, and after some of his agents turned up dead, Wakanda officials learned of his deception. This led to a Wakanda civil war, which Black Panther won thanks to help from Storm, Shuri, the Dora Milaje, and a new hero named Tosin. A look at a future cover of Black Panther continues the fallout of T'Challa's actions, teasing a breakup with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. can exclusively reveal the cover of December's Black Panther #12. Illustrated by legendary artist Alex Ross, the cover for Issue #12 shows Black Panther walking away in disgrace from his Avengers teammates Captain America, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man. Captain America appears furious at Black Panther, pointing his finger with an aggravated look on his face. Monitors in the background show various terrorist attacks and threats happening worldwide. The solicit for Black Panther #12 alludes to T'Challa being responsible for the worldwide attacks.

Black Panther was named the Chairman of the Avengers during Jason Aaron's run on the title. However, Black Panther has stepped away from his leadership duties while dealing with the events in his solo series. Earth's Mightiest Heroes returned in Black Panther #9, Part 1 of "Range Wars." Captain America already isn't convinced T'Challa is mentally ready to go back to leading the Avengers, and those worries continue right into Black Panther #12.

You can find the cover and solicitation for December's Black Panther #12 below.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • Just as T'Challa thinks his past secrets lay buried with the dead, the true identity of his latest enemy has left him shaken! Even as he escapes capture and returns to the Avengers, Captain America isn't too pleased with Black Panther's role in creating these new terrorists for peace. The message is clear: If T'Challa isn't ready to be a team player, he doesn't belong on a team. With no kingdom, no Avengers and no allies, who is left to aid T'Challa against this monster of his own making?