Alligator Loki Almost Had a Costume

It didn't take long after the fifth episode of Marvel's Loki debuted on Disney+ for a Variant of [...]

It didn't take long after the fifth episode of Marvel's Loki debuted on Disney+ for a Variant of the God of Mischief to become a sensation online. Of course we're talking about Alligator Loki. The four-legged Variant was immediately beloved by Marvel fans everywhere, and all it took was a couple of snarls and an adorable set of gold horns. What we didn't realize until now, however, is that Alligator Loki almost had an entire costume on the show.

The new episode of Marvel Studios Assembled, which is now on Disney+, takes viewers behind the scenes of Loki. At one point, the documentary shows off a version of Alligator Loki donning a full suit, designed by visual development supervisor Rodney Fuentebella.

"Saw this on the [Disney Plus] Marvel Studios Assembled special on Loki," Feuntebella wrote in the post. "My concept pieces I did of the alligator Loki were shown there. Pretty cool. It was a fun and crazy cool project to work on."

Unlike some of the other Loki Variants, Alligator Loki wasn't inspired by anything from the pages of Marvel Comics.

"We were talking about [how] we want to meet many different versions of Loki in this show," Loki head writer Michael Waldron explained to "I was just like, there should be an Alligator Loki. And it's like, well, why? Because he's green." He added, "It's so stupid, but it also makes total sense ... You almost have to take it seriously, like maybe he is [a Loki]? Why shouldn't there be an alligator version of Loki? For all we know, that's an alligator universe or whatever. It's just the sort of irreverent thing that, in this show, we play straight and make the audience take it seriously."

Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Loki is now streaming on Disney+, along with all six episodes of Loki's first season.

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