Alternate Episode of Marvel's What If Would Have Followed '88 Avengers

As they've done with other shows that have concluded on Disney+, Marvel Studios has released a new episode of Marvel's Assembled on the streaming service, this time documenting the development and production of the animated series, Marvel's What If. There's not many behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the show that weren't already revealed in the press or were notably salacious but there was one thing that caught our eye, an episode of the series that was seemingly thought up and then not produced. Near the beginning of Assembled we can see a board with Post-It Notes of what would become the episodes and one....didn't happen.

While the likes of "What if...Ultron Won," "What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark," and "What If...Zombies?!" can be seen on the board, another card appears that we didn't see, one that simply reads "Maria/Kree Saved Carol Danvers" with an additional card that reads "The '88 Avengers." What this episode would have seemingly done is posit what would happen if Lashana Lynch's Maria Rambeau and some Kree (perhaps the Starforce group that Carol was a part of) had helped save her. Whether this would be a pre- or post-super powered Carol Danvers is unclear.

(Photo: MARVEL)

What's also unclear is if this episode was thrown out or perhaps simply delayed to the second season of the series. We already know that another season of the show is on the way and that one episode that was supposed to be in the first season got booted, the one about a Gamora variant who killed Thanos and elected to destroy the Infinity Stones. All that in mind, it's very possible that this episode was also bumped to season two and we could actually be seeing it soon.

Yet another thing that remains unclear though is who "The '88 Avengers" would have even been. At that point in the MCU timeline there aren't a lot of heroes on the board so to speak, the frozen Captain America hasn't even been found yet. We can perhaps guess that Maria and Carol are on the team, maybe even some of the Kree warriors as well, and the possibility of a Thor appearance seems likely, because why not? 

No one involved with What If...? has seemingly commented on this episode in the press though, perhaps because it has been pushed to season two. We'll seemingly learn more soon as the next batch of episodes are already in the works.