Russo Brothers Troll Fans With 'Avengers 4' Title at San Diego Comic-Con

Marvel Studios may not have held a panel at San Diego Comic-Con this week, but directors Joe and Anthony Russo still found a clever way to troll the fans about the secretive title of the Avengers: Infinity War sequel.

In addition to directing several films for Marvel Studios, the Russo brothers are also producing Syfy's Deadly Class TV series, based on the Image Comics series from Rick Remender and Wes Craig. Since they couldn't make it in person, the Russos sent in a video to the fans that played before the start of Saturday's Deadly Class panel.

The brothers began the video by thanking fans, telling them how exciting the new series is going to be, and how faithful it is to the comic books. The duo then apologized for not being able to make it, but they were busy working on "a little movie called Avengers -----"

When the second part of the title was delivered, a loud "beep" rang over the words, censoring what was being said. The crowd attending the panel reacted with a mix of laughter and disappointed groans.

The brothers went on to nag at one another for potentially "spoiling" the title, eventually repeating it. Once again, the beep covered up what was being said.

Unfortunately, lip-readers weren't able to get the Avengers 4 title from the video either, because the Russo Brothers never actually said the real thing. They were just repeating nonsense words instead. Remember when Yondu interrupts the broker with a bunch of goofy sounds in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie? It was kind of like that.

Shortly after the little debate, the Russo brothers introduced some footage from the first episode of Deadly Class and signed off. The Avengers movies were brought up again later when Deadly Class star Benedict Wong, who plays Wong in the MCU, took questions from fans, but he only joked about Avengers: Infinity War.

It looks like the wait for the Avengers 4 title will continue into the foreseeable future.


What did you think of Joe and Anthony Russo's troll job this weekend? When do you think the directors will unveil the official title of Avengers 4? Let us know by dropping a line in the comments below!

Avengers 4 is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2019. The new Deadly Class series will debut on Syfy sometime next year.