David Harbour Thinks Hellboy Would Win Emotional Fight With Thanos

Hellboy may not be performing at the level of an Avengers movie at the box office, but one of the [...]

Hellboy may not be performing at the level of an Avengers movie at the box office, but one of the film's stars thinks Big Red could take down Thanos (Josh Brolin) in a battle of the heavyweights. Speaking with ET, David Harbour — the actor behind Hellboy himself — the character would have to resort to psychological daggers instead of besting the Mad Titan in hand-to-hand combat.

"I mean it'd be a good fight," Harbour jokes. "That Thanos guy is pretty powerful, but I think Hellboy would win the emotional fight by just making fun of the very serious way he takes himself and the way he takes himself in his Malthusian philosophies. I think Hellboy would have a field day with that and cut him down to size with one-liners."

Fans of the Mike Mignola creation will recognize the character as a sarcastic, witty character and Harbour's explanation of the fight makes perfect sense when it comes to the characterization. While we'll never see an actual Hellboy and Thanos fight play out on-screen, there's always to slim possibility of Harbour interacting with the character as the Stranger Things alum has reportedly been added to the Black Widow solo film Marvel is presumably set to release next year. In typical Marvel fashion, the actor hasn't been able to say anything, though he's hinted that he's attached to the project.

"Yeah man, like I want to do the movie," Harbour revealed. "[Marvel would] kick me out so fast…[if I reveal anything]. Look here's what I will say. It's being directed by this woman Kate Shortland who is a phenomenal director. She directed a movie called Lore. She's a phenomenal director, so what's really exciting to me about it is it's gonna be like a real deep, interesting film. And so yeah, I'm just excited for it as a film as well as a superhero movie."

Hellboy is in theaters now while Avengers: Endgame drops April 26th.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Big Red and the Mad Titan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter by hitting me up at @AdamBarnhardt!


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