Avengers: Endgame Directors Joe and Anthony Russo Confirm New Superhero Movie

Many Marvel fans are eager to see what's next for Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo after their epic crossover event, though they took a detour from superhero movies to tackle the Tom Holland drug caper Cherry for Apple TV+. But it sounds like they could return for more Marvel Studios projects coming soon, especially after their latest comments during a discussion with Fandango. Fans continue to speculate that the filmmakers will make a comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a Secret Wars crossover event, which they themselves have teased multiple times since the release of Avengers: Endgame.

While he wouldn't reveal what the project is, Anthony Russo did tease that the directing duo would return for a superhero project very soon. Here's what he had to say when asked if they would possibly make a DC Comics movie.

"Joe and I love filmmaking at every scale. We've made movies for as little money as you could possibly make movies for," said Russo. "We've made movies for as much money as you could possibly make movies for, and we love everything in between. We will someday, for sure, do a movie in that genre again. Probably in the not-too-distant future. Who it's with we're not able to say at this point, but yeah, we like challenging ourselves, we like finding new frontiers. So it's a surprise to us where we're going, and hopefully it will be a surprise to audiences as well."

ComicBook.com had the opportunity to speak with Joe Russo ahead of last year's Netflix premiere for Extraction. The filmmaker made it clear that they are not finished with the Marvel Cinematic Universe despite not having a project in the works at the moment.

"We've talked to [Marvel chief creative officer] Kevin [Feige] and [Marvel Studios co-president] Lou [D'Esposito] all the time at Marvel. [Marvel Studios executive Vice President of Production] Victoria [Alonso]. They're all your friends of ours. Texting, seeing how everyone's doing. We get together with Lou for regular dinners once a month and there's always conversations going on. I think, you know, when we all land on with the right project is for us all to team back up on what, we'll jump in feet first for sure."


Hopefully we learn about the Russo Bros. next superhero project in the near future.

Cherry premieres on Apple TV+ this Friday, February 26th.