SDCC 2019 Panel Recap: A Conversation with Avengers: Endgame Directors Joe and Anthony Russo

Avengers: Endgame is blowing up in a big way at San Diego Comic-Con, and the convention isn't shying away from it. After all, the event is hosting a big panel talking all things Marvel with directors Joe and Anthony Russo which is breaking down for you below:


The panel begins with the EIC of Collider overseeing the show. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo are then welcomed to the stage.They are greeted by a long clip showcasing their greatest works to date.

The two begin with a joke about Area 51 as it sounds like Joe Russo is down to raid.

The first question about Secret Wars. They want say to twist their arms jokingly. Joe says the whole series was read by him in a sitting at 12, and he loved it growing up. Anthony says his run at Marvel was one of the best creative times ever, and they would love to work with the studio again. When asked again about Secret Wars, Joe says a 6-film series would work. And asked about the Beyonder; Anthony says they should bring the writers out to talk about Secret Wars.

And an Alternative Version of Cap or Tony? Joe and Anthony says it's not possible to do that, but they say so jokingly.

When asked about the film's massive box office, Anthony says the film is a cathartic one and a big thrill. James Cameron is an idol of the brothers, so to be so close to one of his great films is special.

The brothers are asked about their last big fight. Anthony said it was probably whether they are getting Mexican or Indian food. As for Joe, he asked if it was about the length of Captain Marvel's hair. They did not actually fight, but they spent months discussing it.

When asked about who ruined the most takes, Anthony Mackie and Mark Ruffalo do it. The latter because he gets lost in the moment, and Mackie gets lost outside of it with jokes. But Scarlet Johannson could nail it in one.

As for their most difficult VFX shot to get write, they agreed the dusting was it for Infinity War. Joe said it was more that there essence was being absorb thus the dust evaporating. As for Endgame, the pair said the climatic battle took a long time with the portals. It was reliant on the score, but Anthony said Smart Hulk was also difficult to get down right. They had to find a better way to combine Banner and the Hulk once they melded, so they had to find a balance.

Joe says Robert's last day of shooting was the day he wants to relive most. It was done on the sound stage next to the one he did his original stage test on, and it was also the day he delivered the "I am Iron Man" line. As for Anthony, they say the Infinity War moment of having Iron Man explain things on Titan to the Guardians of the Galaxy was fun - and that was the first day of shooting! A "potent cocktail" Anthony said.

The next question comes from Mark Ruffalo. He wants to know since Hulk and Banner have come to terms, they wanted to know if Banner is the smartest and the strongest Avenger now. Joe asks the crowd, but it seems the audience is for Tony. Anthony caveats Shuri, and they agree.

Chris Evans asks the next questions. After Steve returned the stones and got his dance, what did he do next? And which Marvel Studios film was the most stressful and relaxed? Anthony says he and Peggy tried to make a baby. And Joe says Steve had to use the restroom. Anthony says it is interesting because of the alternate reality question - depending on where you go - he could go rescue Bucky from Hydra or take them out of SHIELD. He could go find him in the ice and put them both in rotation.

As for most stressful, Infinity War was difficult since it was backed against Endgame. Winter Soldier was the least stressful as it was a small ensemble.

Chris Hemsworth tackles the next question. He jokes about his slimmer weight now, and he asks the directors who they think the better leader of the previously known group Guardians of the Galaxy would be - Thor or Quill? Joe jokes it was more of a statement than a question.

Paul Rudd asks the next question. He wants to know as there has been debate over who is the sexist Chris in the MCU. He wants to know about the Best Paul between him and Paul Bettany. He has a second question: If you had to rank best America's Ass, which Chris would it be? Joe says they will not touch, but the audience makes the final decision: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt.

Robert Downey Jr. asks the final question via video. The biggest single difference between "I Am Iron Man" lines, how do you encapsulate that? Anthony says the biggest difference comes after his big arc; Tony goes from being an ego-centric person to someone who becomes self-sacrificing. At the end, he becomes a father, and he becomes suddenly aware his life is to truly serve others like his daughter. Anthony believes those are the biggest changes.

When asked about their next project, Joe says they are directing Cherry next. Joe says the film takes place in their hometown, and it touches upon the opiod crisis sweeping across the nation. Tom Holland will star.

The directors are asked what it was like casting Peter Parker in the MCU. Joe said it was very important to him to cast someone in the role who was close to Peter's age in the comic. When asked about Cherry's rating, the pair said the movie will be rated-R; It is less surface level entertainment than Marvel films, but they want to tell important stories.

As the conversation continues, Joe and Anthony discuss their movie studio AGBO which they recently tackled a project in India with Chris Hemsworth working alongside them. They are working with a stunt double named Sam Hargrave who stood in for Captain America way back when. Now, he is directing a film starring Hemsworth under AGBO. The directors went on to discuss their on-going work with Chadwick Boseman whom they love working with. They will be doing 21 Bridges with the actor who plays a detective tasked with tracking down a muderer.

Joe talks about Magic the Gathering. It will be an animated series to start with Netflix with potential for live-action. Joe says fans of Jace and Chandra will be excited. The brothers also announced they will be doing an adaptation of Grim Jack which Joe loves. The directors also said they are doing an adaptation of Battle of the Planets. The directors said they are producing Grim Jack, but they will not comment on Battle of the Planets. If they did direct it, they would want it to be live action.



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