Avengers: Endgame Art Book Reveals New Look at Thanos Fighting Black Widow and Hawkeye on Vormir

When plotting the story of Avengers: Endgame, there were a countless number of different ideas that were altered or removed on the road to the final product. Certain ideas just didn't fit for certain characters, or perhaps just didn't make sense at a certain point in the movie. With a project as big as this one, everything was likely on the table at one point or another. That's one of the things that makes looking through the art books for films like Endgame so much fun. You get the chance to see concept art for ideas that never made it into the final script. One such idea surrounded Clint and Natasha's trip to Vormir to get the Soul Stone.

We all know what went down when the duo actually went to Vormir -- the Red Skull told them that a sacrifice had to be made and Natasha ended up giving her own life for the stone. However, as it turns out, an earlier version of the script saw them confronted by Thanos on Vormir, making their trip even more dangerous than it already was.

In Marvel's Avengers: Endgame - The Art of the Movie, the section regarding Vormir reveals some concept art that shows Black Widow and Hawkeye hiding from Thanos on Vormir, doing their best to remain hidden until he leaves so that they can complete their mission. Take a look at the art from the book below.

avengers endgame thanos vormir 2
(Photo: Marvel Studios)
avengers endgame thanos vormir
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Unfortunately, the book doesn't actually say anything about the Thanos/Vormir storyline. The only text on the two pages explains what we saw in the final movie: Red Skull explaining the sacrifice of the Soul Stone to Clint and Natasha.


"When Clint and Natasha arrive on Vormir to locate the Soul Stone, it isn't long before they're confronted by the Red Skull and learn that the only way to obtain the Stone is through a personal sacrifice -- to lose that which you love. A soul for a soul."

Do you think it would've worked better to include Thanos in the Vormir scene? Why do you think he was removed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!