Avengers Fan Theory Points Out How Movie Spoiled HYDRA's SHIELD Infiltration

Not even halfway through the Infinity Saga, HYDRA infiltrated SHIELD and sent the iconic espionage [...]

Not even halfway through the Infinity Saga, HYDRA infiltrated SHIELD and sent the iconic espionage organization tumbling to the ground. Though the infiltration itself didn't take place until Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Agents of SHIELD Season One, one astute Marvel fan has noticed a rash decision in The Avengers more than likely tipped the whole plot thread off. A new fan theory on the verge of going viral on Reddit suggests the Security Council's decision to detonate a nuclear weapon in New York City was fueled entirely by the movers and shakers behind HYDRA.

As u/elgarraz writes, the nuke not only was intended to destroy the invading Chitauri army, but also send the Avengers down a path they wouldn't be able to overcome. As the theorist opines, the nuke would vaporize Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and probably Captain America. Though the loss of four members would be enough to send any superhero team scurrying, it's the fact Iron Man was the sole benefactor for the organization and without him, they'd no longer be able to continue funding their missions. It'd remove virtually all resistance HYDRA would have in

"Plus, the nuke would eliminate several of the threats identified by Zola's algorithm in Winter Soldier, like Stephen Strange," the theorist writers. "I also believe the media push to blame the cause of the invasion on the Avengers was engineered by Hydra, and likely would have been successful if the nuke had gone off where it was intended. It's even possible Hydra believed the Avengers were going to pull it off (the battle had started to turn in their favor), and they needed an out."

If you watch Agents of SHIELD, you'll know one of the members of the Security Council eventually pops up in the ABC series. Gideon Malick — played by the late Powers Boothe — was a staunch HYDRA loyalist, leading the way for the group to bring the Inhuman villain Hive to Earth.

You can read the full theory below or by clicking here.

(Avengers) Evidence SHIELD is compromised by Hydra in the first Avengers movie from r/FanTheories

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