'Avengers Infinity War' Blu-ray and Digital Release Dates Unveiled With Exclusives

Avengers: Infinity War isn’t done breaking box office records for Marvel, but plans for the [...]


Avengers: Infinity War isn't done breaking box office records for Marvel, but plans for the digital and Blu-ray releases are already in motion. Recently, the official Avengers Twitter account posted (then promptly deleted) a series of tweets that revealed Avengers: Infinity War would be available digitally on July 31st, followed by Blu-ray, 4K Blu-ray, and DVD on August 14th.

It has also been revealed via Twitter that the Target exclusive 4K UHD edition of Avengers: Infinity War will come with a special behind-the-scenes art "40-page filmmaker gallery book". You an pre-order that version via Target's website, though you might want to consider the special Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray bundle that includes a limited edition Funko Pop Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man in Red Chrome. That version is available here for REDcard members only. Given the popularity and profitability of Funko Pops (especially exclusives) this is probably something that you'll want to pre-order immediately. It would even be worth signing up for a REDcard for - though if you shop regularly at Target that's something you should do anyway.

The Best Buy exclusive Avengers: Infinity War steelbook edition has been available to pre-order along with the standard Blu-ray offerings since the movie hit theaters. You can secure a copy right here. Beyond the fact that it has an awesome image of Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet on the cover, no new details about the release have been made available.

Furthermore, international retailer Zavvi will have a pair of exclusive Infinity War steelbooks, available in 4K/2D Blu-ray and a 4K/3D Blu-ray with T-shirt bundle set. Vudu is also offering a pre-order deal on the digital release that includes a $3 movie credit.

Odds are that Marvel will take a second crack at announcing the details for the Avengers: Infinity War home releases in the coming days, so we should know more soon. It's early though, so we may need to wait a bit on info for bonus features. Such is the way of the movie business these days. Whenever a big movie premieres, the Blu-ray versions start showing up for pre-order almost immediately.

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