Marvel Reveals When the Power Stone Was First Found on Earth

This week, Avengers #13 takes us back to the distant past, in order to reveal several key pieces [...]

This week, Avengers #13 takes us back to the distant past, in order to reveal several key pieces of Marvel Universe history. Avengers #7 chronicled the history of Ghost Rider from the Avengers 1,000,00 BC era, and this latest issue visits the history of different member of that team: Iron Fist.

Avengers #13 explores the rise of Fan Fei as the first Iron Fist. As it turns out, Fan Fei was sentenced to die in K'un-Lun for a great crime: teaching kung fu to the primitive cavemen of the time. She and her students were sacrificed to the great dragon Shou-Lao - but where her students fell before the dragon, Fan Fei fought back, killing the dragon with a "Double Hammerfist of Exquisite Doom" attack. With Shou-Lao's death, Fan Fei becomes the first to inherit the dragon's power, becoming the very first Iron Fist.

Once Fan Fei was out in the world of man all on her own, her exploits as the Iron Fist began to grow in legend, eventually attracting none other than the devil himself, Mephisto! Mephisto appears to Fan Fei as a snake (the proverbial "Snake in the Garden of Eden"), and tries to tempt her with promises of a great power.

Fan Fei turns out to be too righteous to be swayed by Mephisto, eliminating the evil snake with a "Drunken Mongoose Knife Hand" attack. But as Marvel fans know, Mephisto is never *really* destroyed; when perverting the Iron Fist with his evil doesn't work, Mephisto picks a new, and far more susceptible, target: Ape King Gorgilla, whose Gorgilla Clan had been beaten by the Iron Fist.

Gorgilla proves to be much more primitive, and is therefore easily swayed to follow the Mephisto snake. The pair make their way into a remote cave with a strange glowing light - and it's there that we get the reveal that this was how the Power Infinity Stone was first discovered on Earth. With the stone, Gorgilla challenges the Iron Fist and proves his might over her. In the end, Fan Fei is offered the chance to return to K'un-Lun, but refuses and instead becomes one of the very first superheroes of the Marvel Universe.

Clearly there's some scheme that Mephisto has been working on since ancient times - but it's unclear whether that will be a major storyline for the Avengers 1,000,000 BC era, or if it relates to something take shape in the modern era.

Avengers #13 is now on sale.