'Avengers' And 'Incredible Hulk' Easter Eggs Spotted In 'The Punisher'

With Marvel's Netflix series and its big screen Avengers-centric films being connected, the opportunity for Easter eggs and references to big Marvel Cinematic Universe moments was not lost in The Punisher.

Mild spoilers for The Punisher follow.

In the ninth episode of Marvel's The Punisher, Karen Page gets an intimidating letter from Louis, a U.S. army veteran whose post-traumatic stress disorder is getting the best of him. When the audience is taken to Karen's office at the New York Bulletin, she has a few important newspaper articles framed across her walls. Two of those papers tie directly to major events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's films.

easter eggs hulk avengers punisher

On the far left behind Karen is a paper reading, "Harlem Terror," across its front page. It's a reference to the events of The Incredible Hulk movie which saw the Hulk fighting Abomination in Harlem with the story written by Daredevil character Ben Ulrich.

Beside the Hulk reference is an Avengers reference. Another cover story reads, "Battle Of NY." It's a reference to Loki's attempt at invading New York City with the Chitauri army provided to him by Thanos.


Both newspapers have been seen in Marvel's Netflix shows before, previously appearing in Daredevil. Ironically enough, Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle first appeared in Season 2 of Daredevil before earning his own 13-episode series on Netflix.

Marvel's The Punisher is available now on Netflix.