Black Widow Star Florence Pugh Reacts to Big Hawkeye Reveal

The fourth episode of Hawkeye, "Partners, Am I Right?," is now available to stream on Disney+ and it's filled with excitement. Warning: Spoilers Ahead! It was confirmed earlier this year that Florence Pugh would be playing Yelena Belova on Hawkeye after making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Black Widow. After a long wait, Pugh finally showed up in the latest episode of the new series, and fans are thrilled to see her again. In honor of her return to Marvel, Pugh took to Instagram today to share some screenshots from the episode.

"'...She's here. #hawkeyeseries #YelenaBelova," Pugh wrote. You can check out the post below:

Hailee Steinfeld spoke with Cosmopolitan about knowing right away that she'd get along with Pugh, noting that they had similar energy and that working with the Oscar-nominated star was a wonderful time.

"Oh, one hundred percent. I honestly felt that right away. And I hope to god she'd say the same thing. Jeez. Now that I say it, I'm like, 'I knew right from the start!' And what if she was like, 'This girl?' No, I think we just had similar energy," Steinfeld said. "We had a moment together where we were shooting and something went wrong. There was no recovering from it. I started laughing so hard that somebody thought I was crying-I don't know what that says about my laugh-and I just remember a flood of people rushing in and being like, 'Is everyone okay?' And I'm literally facedown on the ground, just hysterically laughing. Mind you, we were in a scene that was in no way, shape, or form meant to be at all funny. We really did have a wonderful time together."

Recently, Pugh spoke with and opened up about the future of her Marvel character.

"First of all, I think when I came on board there wasn't even any conversation of whether there'd be this scene or that scene or a future Yelena," Pugh explained of Black Widow's post-credits scene. "It was just like, 'Get involved, get stuck in.' And I was so grateful to be invited. Going forward, I think the most wonderful thing and the scary thing is that, obviously, I've got major shoes to fill. It's just been really wonderful seeing all the ways that Scarlett's [Johansson] changed the conversation about her character. And I think for me, whatever future there is, I would love to, I suppose, follow in her footsteps in that way. How do we make Yelena different, how do we make her stand out? How do we make her powerful? And that's going to be an ongoing, I hope, conversation. Yeah, I suppose follow in Scarlett's footsteps in that way, changing it."

Hawkeye's first four episodes are now streaming on Disney+.