Black Widow's Full Circle Death Theory and Taskmaster's Avengers Ties

The Black Widow trailers might be teasing a MAJOR death already and this Taskmaster guy… has he already fought some Avengers? We have some major new insights about the possible full circle from Avengers: Endgame death of Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanov, here’s to hoping the theory is wrong despite my love of being right, and it really looks like Taskmaster has come face to face with some other Avengers.

Let’s start there, with Taskmaster and the Avengers. Taskmaster is seen throwing hands with Natasha on a bridge, but Taskmaster is also throwing the shield around. Between how this villain is using the shield to cover from bullets and how they’re throwing it at an enemy, possibly like a boomerang which will come back after impact, it looks a lot like our buddy Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, in action. In a previous trailer, Taskmaster was going all Hawkeye on it with a bow and arrow, and this could be an important indication of run-ins with the Avengers.

Taskmaster, in comics, has an ability called photographic reflexes. In those books, this means that anything Taskmaster sees someone do, Taskmaster will then have the ability to do himself. If the Black Widow movie’s villain has come face to face with Hawkeye or Captain America along the way in an off-screen bout from earlier in the sprawling history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that would explain some of these skills. The less fun truth to this is that Taskmaster can learn these abilities from watching videos, so it’s possible Taskmaster is just skimming through the MCU’s YouTube and learning the Avengers’ ways.

black widow taskmaster
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

A more tragic reveal is the possible major death we should be bracing ourselves for in the Black Widow movie and it all comes down to a green vest and blonde hair color. Yelena is seen in several shots from these Black Widow trailers wearing the same green vest that Natasha wears in Avengers: Infinity War. On top of that, Natasha went blonde for the first time in the MCU for that movie. It’s as if she’s honoring someone she lost between the events of Captain America: Civil War (where she had red hair and was last seen before this movie) and Avengers: Infinity War (where she has next been seen after this movie in the MCU's timeline).

Now, it’s hard to imagine Academy Award nominee Pugh is only going to play Yelena Belova once in the MCU -- and even harder to imagine when you’re just a huge fan of this actress. She’s awesome. But, she’s so often in a lot of danger, literally running from explosions, and wearing a vest that Natasha wears later.

Now, we’re gonna take Black Widow-style deep dive with this theory, and predict how this all might land full circle. Get it... Deep dive... Land... Vormir?

If Yelena ends up running from something, or jumping to kill someone, or something of the sort to sacrifice herself and save the Black Widow family she has become a part of, this would give new meaning to Natasha’s swan dive off of Vormir in Avengers: Endgame. It would mean she was thinking of her sister’s sacrifice and she’s falling the distance to make sure her sacrifice was not for nothing. That’s plenty of motivation to get that Soul Stone and a powerful new perspective on why Natasha jumped to being the one to save everybody with her leap.

black widow yelena belova gunfight
(Photo: Marvel Studios)

It’s a little on the nose and might not land with audiences, but it could hit hard if it’s done right. Somewhere along the way, Natasha grabs that green vest, and no one lives happily ever after except everyone who was around to defeat Thanos in Endgame.

Could a post-credits scene maybe resurrect Yelena if this is true? Fingers crossed. For now, let’s just debate the identity of Taskmaster and any other theories you have in the comments, or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter and keep hitting refresh on for more updates.