Here's What Sebastian Stan Could Look Like As Captain America

Heading into Avengers: Endgame many people expected Captain Americato be the one to make the huge [...]

Heading into Avengers: Endgame many people expected Captain Americato be the one to make the huge sacrifice to save humanity. Well, that wasn't quite the case, as Cap made it out alive. But, there is a new man rocking that shield, and it isn't Bucky Barnes. People still want to see the Winter Soldier redeemed, and one fan has stepped up to give the people what they want in one Reddit post. The design is clearly influenced by Steve's updated gear from the later movies, but the metal arm still showing is a nice touch. If we're being honest, I'm still missing the distinct cowl that Ed Brubaker's version of Bucky wore in the comics along with the very sleek interpretation of the classic Captain America look. Images like this will continue to surface and people will continue to wonder what could have been for a long time, but Sam Wilson will wear the shield as it stands now.

People had been expecting Bucky to be the one to lift up the shield because of Brubaker's extensive work with Captain America. He reintroduced Bucky as the Winter Soldier and then Cap for a lot of audiences. Now, Falcon will be the one to wield the shield and for a lot of fans, that still isn't quite real yet. It's wild to see after the events of Endgame, but don't expect to hear Stan argue with the story's direction. He completely gets it.

Bucky as Captain America. Hope you guys liked it :) from r/marvelstudios

"If you think about it...why would you give it to the guy that's been trying to have a whole new history outside of the thing he's been trapped by?" Stan said during an interview from earlier this year. "I remember I found out [about Falcon getting the shield] the day we were shooting. I was like 'Oh wow, this is the deal.' But it makes sense. He's [Sam Wilson] has been his [Captain America's] right-hand for a long time at this point."

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