'Captain Marvel' Will "Have a Blast When She Kicks Ass"

Even though we're still a year away from seeing Captain Marvel's first solo movie, we're starting [...]

Even though we're still a year away from seeing Captain Marvel's first solo movie, we're starting to learn more about the fearless superhero who is set to take the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm.

Screenwriter Geneva Robertson-Dworet is helping chart the course for Carol Danvers big movie, skipping the swimsuit-and-sash look of Ms. Marvel and jumping right to the upper echelon of superheroes. She spoke with Collider about working on the upcoming Marvel movie, teasing the character's ass-kicking nature.

"We really were bringing so much of what was already in the comics onto the screen, it felt like, in terms of the amazing character who's so funny and sassy and talks back, and she's fearless," said Robertson-Dworet. "I love that Carol Danvers is so funny. She has a blast when she kicks ass. Those comics are amazing! It's an amazing world and sandbox to play in. You're working with incredible creative people, every day. I had a total dream experience."

Fans finally got their first look at Brie Larson in costume as Captain Marvel, wearing what appears to be a flight suit with a similar design to the one created by Jamie McKelvie —except the colors were distinctively black and Kree green.

Given that the story seems to be an adaptation of the Kree-Skrull War and Carol Danvers' origin story, it's likely that we'll see Captain Marvel in her classic red-and-blue costume before the movie's credits roll, as teased by visual development supervisor Andy Park.

"Marvel is a dream experience," added Robertson-Dworet. "It's a very structured environment. You're in this amazing collaborative environment, where you go in and meet with the team in person, a lot. Kevin Feige is there, multiple times a week, meeting with you and talking you through his vision of it, within how this story fits into the universe and what you want to do with the character. It was a total blast!"

The writer spoke about coming onto the project as it already had a specific structure in place, and she had to help shape the idea into something that would work on the screen.

"With Marvel, we had all of the pieces ahead of time. Brie was already signed on, when I came on and did my six months on the project," Robertson-Dworet said. "It was very clear, what they wanted to do, tonally, when I came in. It was just about refining that and making sure that the director's vision was making it on the page."

Captain Marvel premieres in theaters March 6, 2019, though there is a good chance she will appear in Avengers: Infinity War next month…