Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman Face Off In Explosive Fan Art

Fans have to wait a bit longer to see Gal Gadot reprise the role of Wonder Woman in WB's anticipated Wonder Woman 1984, and unfortunately, the wait is even longer for Captain Marvel 2, which doesn't hit until 2022. Due to the timing of their releases we won't really get to see these two powerhouse superhero films throw down at the box office, but thanks to BossLogic you can get a glimpse at what a showdown between the two heroes would look like (even though in real life both Gadot and Brie Larson adore each other). BossLogic started a new art series titled MultiVersus, and which has heroes from different universes taking each other on in a battle, and one of his first new entries features Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel.

The art features Captain Marvel charging forward surrounded by energy, and most who decided to stand in her way would be crushed as a result. That said, the one standing on the other side this time is Wonder Woman, who is holding up her shield to brace for impact with her golden lasso wrapped around her arm.

We're not sure if either of these will be enough to absorb the impact (we're betting they're not), but we do know Wonder Woman isn't going down after just one supercharged punch, and this would be a fight for the ages.

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Noticed I'm lacking female battles Wonder Woman Vs Captain Marvel Who you got? #MultiVersus

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You can check out the art in the post above.

"Noticed I'm lacking female battles Wonder Woman Vs Captain Marvel Who you got? #MultiVersus"


Speaking of that battle of the ages, we just so happen to have our own take on the battle right here. We examine each character's power set, their combat training, and their weaknesses, followed by a full breakdown of what a battle between these two would look like. Now, odds are they would just end up teaming up depending on the situation, but if they were forced to battle for some reason (like we recently saw Captain Marvel have to do with her fellow Avengers in her comic series), here's how we think it might turn out.

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