Captain America Star Chris Evans Says Dog Dodger “Doing Well” After Latest Surgery

Sure, Chris Evans might be a Marvel star and the actor a household name for playing Captain [...]

Sure, Chris Evans might be a Marvel star and the actor a household name for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the real star in the Evans household is his dog, Dodger. Evans has kept fans up to date on the adorable pup's life and adventures in recent years, including medical issues. Earlier this year, Evans let fans know that Dodger had undergone his second hip replacement and now, fans are getting an update on everyone's favorite celebrity dog's recovery and it sounds like Dodger is doing well.

Speaking with host Angélique Roché for ACE Universe Presents, Evans was asked about how Dodger is doing after his recent surgery and Evans revealed that he's doing even better than he was after his first surgery and that he has to keep him on meds to "knock his energy down" a bit due to how active the dog is.

"He's doing very well," Evans said. "I don't know that he'll make a cameo, he's in the other room napping and I mean, we're still in the window of giving him meds to try and you know, knock his energy down a little bit because he was, you know, two days after surgery this guy's bouncing off the walls. It's unbelievable. He's incredibly spry. I mean it, he's recovering even quicker than the first time around. But we just had his little two or three-week post-operation checkup and everyone said he's doing great and you know I think it's gonna be a seamless recovery. But yeah, we're still trying to just take it easy and make sure we don't have any hiccups down the line."

As noted, this is Dodger's second hip replacement. Last summer, Evans shared an adorable photo of Dodger's "summer surgery haircut" leading up to his first hip replacement surgery. He kept fans up to date on the recovery from that surgery and has followed suit for round two as well and it certainly sounds like the dog will be back to doing all sorts of cute things Evans to document on social media again soon.

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