Captain America Star Chris Evans Finally Reacts to Accidental Risque Photo Reveal

Chris Evans frequently becomes a topic of conversation on social media, thanks to the actor's fan-favorite work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and films like Knives Out. But this past weekend, Evans trended on Twitter for a pretty unexpected reason -- and now he's finally speaking out about it. On Monday, Evans took to Twitter to post "Now that I have your attention... VOTE Nov 3rd!!!", accompanied by a facepalm emoji and a shrug emoji. This comes after a NSFW photo was accidentally shared by the actor through his Instagram stories.

Over the weekend, Evans took to his Instagram to accidentally share a screen recording of his phone, which happened to feature several photos from the actor's camera roll. One of the photos in question was explicit in nature, and spread throughout social media in the hours that followed. Fans of Evans responded by tweeting a deluge of wholesome moments or tributes to the actor, in an attempt to drown out the spread of the photo on Twitter.

Evans' social media blunder courted responses from several other celebrities, with his Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo joking that "while Trump is in office there is nothing [he] could possibly do to embarrass [himself]."

Evans' brother, Scott Evans, also took to Twitter on Sunday to jokingly ask "What'd I miss?"

The fan support for Evans also garnered a response from fellow Marvel co-star Kat Dennings, who pointed out that the same "public respect" for Evans isn't necessarily always awarded to women when intimate photos of them are shared.


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