Thanos Himself Josh Brolin Sings Happy Birthday to 'Avengers' Co-Star Chris Hemsworth

Maybe not as good as @leonbridgesofficial but Happy Birthday, man, from the deepest part of my [...]

It seems like Marvel's very own Thor is pretty popular in Hollywood, given all the celebrities that have posted their own birthday tributes to Chris Hemsworth to celebrate his special day.

The latest comes from Thanos himself Josh Brolin, who sang his Avengers: Infinity War co-star a song that's not quite as pleasant on the ears as Leon Bridges' version, but it's also not as insulting as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's, either. So, y'know. Minor victories. Check it out in the video above.

While the day is a time for reflection and relaxation, Hemsworth has already had an eventful year.

Hot off the heels of Thor: Ragnarok, the actor reprised his role as the God of Thunder in the hugely successful Avengers: Infinity War, nearly defeating his foe Thanos but ultimately losing nearly everything along the way. We'll see how that all pans out next year in Avengers 4.

Hemsworth is currently filming the relaunch of Men in Black in London, where he's joined by his Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson. The two will play a new pair of agents in the secret government agent that keeps track of aliens and enforces the rule of law to make sure their presence on Earth remains a secret.

In recent weeks, Hemsworth was linked to the upcoming Star Trek 4 where he was supposed to reprise his role as the father of Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine. But it looks like the Chrises were being short-changed by Paramount Pictures and the producers of the new Star Trek film, and they have since both ceased negotiating. Their return to the franchise seems unlikely at this point.

The actor seems to have a bond with his fellow Chrises, recently revealing to Esquire that he has affections for all of them.

"I have different affections for different reasons," Hemsworth said. "Chris Pine is my son, on screen, with our Star Trek history. Chris Evans is probably my closest Avenger friend. And Chris Pratt and I, it's the freshest, newest friendship. So I'm thankful for all of their high-fives and good times that we've had."

Hemsworth can now be seen in Avengers: Infinity War, currently available on digital HD. The movie will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 14th.