Chris Hemsworth Is Not Relieved His Marvel Contract Is Over

Chris Hemsworth's time as Thor may be over and he may be looking forward to spending more time [...]

Chris Hemsworth's time as Thor may be over and he may be looking forward to spending more time with his family, but the Thor: Ragnarok actor isn't entirely thrilled that his Marvel contract is done.

The actor, who has played the God of Thunder for the past seven years recently completed his work in the untitled Avengers 4, officially fulfilling his contract with Marvel Studios. That means that after three solo Thor films and four separate Avengers films, Hemsworth is no longer legally obligated to appear in any of the studio's future films. But instead of being relieved at finally being able to walk away from Thor, Hemsworth simply isn't. The actor told The Times that after Thor: Ragnarok, he had begun to have a voice in the movies and was having fun.

"Midway through, I was exhausted and wasn't happy with what I was doing," Hemsworth said. "But by Thor 3 I had a voice in the process and was having the most fun I'd had on a set. When we wrapped a couple of days ago, I really felt, 'oh no, we will never have this much fun again.'"

Hemsworth's unhappiness playing Thor isn't exactly a secret. The solo Thor films had been a weaker link in the MCU series of movies and during promotion for Thor: Ragnarok, Hemsworth was open about how he had grown bored playing the hero until working with director Taika Waititi had created a new approach to the character and the material.

"I feel like we re-invented him," Hemsworth told USA Today. "There is a bigger platform now to continue if we want to."

And while Hemsworth has said that at this point he would be interested in working with Waititi again, possibly in another Thor film, the focus right now is on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel when it comes to the MCU and, for Hemsworth, his focus is on family. Hemsworth said that now that he doesn't have to report to set to be Thor, he's going to take some time off.

"I want to be able to take the kids to school. I may even be off all year. Maybe," Hemsworth told The Times, while joking that "it's time to just cash in and check out and surf for the rest of my life."

Audiences will next see Thor in Avengers: Infinity War on May 4.