Comic-Con 2022: Marvel's She-Hulk Writer Teases Connections to Daredevil, Wong

We're less than a month away from She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's debut on Disney+. The streaming series was represented at last night's Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. Marvel treated fans in attendance, and online, to a new poster and a new trailer offering glimpses of Wong and Daredevil's roles in the new series. had the opportunity to speak to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law's creator Jessica Gao following the Hall H event and asked her what it's like balancing the show's humor and action, as well as its connection to the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

"It is a tricky balance, balancing the comedy and the action and the Marvel of it all, but what's nice is I've been on this journey, this 10-year Marvel journey of the first couple of phases of the MCU as a fan," Gao says. "I watched every movie in the theater, so it wasn't like I had to play catch up when I first started, and what's really, really exciting is having been through that long journey, seen every iteration, every genre that they've played with to then be able to go, 'I wonder what else I can explore. Wat haven't they hit before and what's in my wheelhouse that that nobody else has done in the MCU?"

And then there are those cameos. Fans were excited by Wong and Daredevil's appearances, especially the latter given the news that Charlie Cox will return in the role for the 18-episode Daredevil: Born Again series on Disney+. Gao explained how the two characters fit into She-Hulk's world, though she was careful about it.

"Oh boy, I feel like we're getting dangerously close to a black bag over my head," she joked. "Well obviously, what Jen has in common with Matt Murdock is that they're both lawyers but also, uniquely, they're both lawyers who happen to be a superheroes, so they have that in common. Wong is a character that has existed in the MCU and knows her cousin. That's the thing about Jen is that she, uniquely, unlike everybody else who's origin story we're exploring, she is someone who has something like this in her family already. So conceivably, she's already had to listen to and deal with all of this stuff as a third party family member for years."

Marvel Studios' She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debuts on Disney+ on August 17th.