Cumberbatch On Doctor Strange Geting The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Him

Doctor Strange looks like an intense ride based on its trailers. The visually stunning film promises to take audiences to places no Marvel movie has. The same can be said about its titular hero.

Speaking to at San Diego Comic Con, Doctor Strange actor Benedict Cumberbatch revealed the intense circumstances facing his character. Cumberbatch's description of the hero's origin sounds similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Tony Stark, where they have to fall very far to get up higher than they ever knew they could.

"Its a hell of a ride with this guy who comes from this binary, causal reality we all experience where when you do something there's a consequence to it," Cumberbatch explains. "Comically, I guess, even there he learns that you can't actually control everything. He's this brilliant neurosurgeon, steadiest hands in the trade. He's incredible arrogant with it. He has a crashed, the hands are ruined. He's in a desperate search for healing and discovers he has this stuff that's beyond what he thinks he needs to heal that he has to really heal which is himself to unlock his full potential by becoming Sorcerer Supreme."

To become the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange will take quite a beating.

"I have to swear," Cumberbatch warns, before continuing, "He gets the shit beat out of him. He gets the shit beat out of his head, out his body. I mean he goes very, very, very far down in this story to scrabble back up to become a super hero in the film."


Doctor Strange hits theaters November 4, 2017.