Exclusive: 'Daredevil' #600 Anniversary Issue Brings "Mayor Fisk" to Its Epic Conclusion

Marvel's scarlet swashbuckler is about to celebrate his 600th adventure, and he's doing it in true Marvel style.

Daredevil #600 will be an oversized anniversary issue bringing the currently ongoing "Mayor Fisk" storyline to its epic conclusion. Writer Charles Soule will be joined by artist Ron Garney in creating the milestone issue.

"I actually never saw it coming, because I started after Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s run with a new #1," Soule says of getting to write Daredevil #600. "I remember reading Daredevil #500 a while back (during Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark’s landmark run), but not long after that Marvel went back to re-launching new creative teams with a new #1, and I lost track of the overall count. Then, once the idea came around that Daredevil would be part of the Marvel Legacy renumbering, and I knew that I had plenty of story beyond Daredevil #595 (where my part of Legacy would begin), I realized I’d get a century-mark issue. Pretty special. It’s only happened five other times in the character’s long history, after all.

"So, my immediate reaction was sort of, 'Oh, man, what the hell am I going to do that will make this worthwhile…?' Fortunately, I came up with something I think is pretty dang cool, and of course, I get to do the issue with my longtime partners in crime on my Daredevil run, the amazing Ron Garney on pencils/inks, Matt Milla on colors and our secret weapon Clayton Cowles on the lettering. I’m excited for the readers to see where it’s all headed."

Daredevil #600 celebrates Matt Murdock's history by focusing on one of the most storied rivalries in the Marvel Universe.

"Well, without getting into too many specifics, it certainly features the biggest villain in Daredevil’s career as a crimefighter – the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk," Soule says. "As we move into #600, we’ve been dealing with a huge story in which Fisk managed to get himself elected as Mayor of New York. This has made Matt Murdock’s life hell in a hundred different ways – among other things, there’s a warrant out for Daredevil’s arrest, his work with the DA’s office is getting tons of pressure from Fisk, and even more than that, he just doesn’t feel like the city is his anymore. So, Daredevil #600 has Matt Murdock fighting his greatest enemy literally for the fate of the city he loves, in multiple arenas. Doesn’t get much bigger."

As seen on the cover below, the battle between Daredevil in the Kingpin has grown to include several of Daredevil's allies who protect the streets of New York, who are all affected by Fisk's political move to outlaw vigilantes in New York City.

"As Mayor, the Kingpin has created a ton of pressure on the city’s superhero community – especially the street-level people like Spider-Man, the Defenders, and of course, Daredevil," Soule explains. "He wants them gone, and honestly, he’s getting a fair amount of political support from certain quarters of the city. He calls them vigilantes. He calls them criminals. But they aren’t – they’re heroes – and maybe they’ll have to do what it takes to save their city."

Daredevil #600 won't be the end of Soule's time writing Daredevil. In fact, the issue has a "surprise ending" that will shake up Matt Murdock's status quo to begin the next chapter of his long-running saga.

"I will say absolutely nothing that will spoil that – but I will say that it will put Daredevil in a place he’s never been, facing threats of an entirely new scale," Soule teases. "My whole run has been leading up to that ending, and then Daredevil #601 and beyond. Can’t wait to see what people think."

With the second chapter of "Mayor Fisk" hitting stores today in Daredevil #596, Soule wants potential readers to know that this story is a great introduction for lapse fans or anyone who wants to jump into comics after seeing the Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix.

"The Mayor Fisk storyline, which began with Daredevil #595, is a great place to jump on to my Daredevil run if you haven’t already been reading it," Soule says. "It’s a huge, awesome story that’s good for new readers, fans of the Netflix show, or longtime fans. Feels like everyone’s firing on all cylinders."

Daredevil #600 goes on sale in March. Check out Dan Mora's cover below.

Daredevil 600 Cover

Daredevil #600
Charles Soule & Christos Gage (W) • Ron Garney & TBA (A)
Cover by DAN MORA
MAYOR FISK Conclusion!

Daredevil can see the new mayor’s machinations coming together…but is he in time to stop them? Guest-starring both the heroes and villains of the New York City streets…this oversized anniversary issue has a surprise ending that will shake the city to its very core! Plus: a look at Foggy & Matt’s relationship over the years!