Marvel Fans Campaigning Netflix to Renew 'Daredevil' for Season 4

Daredevil stepped into its third season earlier this year, and the Netflix series came back swinging. After a quiet second season, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen made an impressive comeback this year, and it seems fans are campaigning hard for the hero to get a fourth season.

Over on Twitter, Marvel fans have gathered in the name of Daredevil and their dreams of a fourth season. A new fan-made account sprung up recently celebrating Matthew Murdock, and @RenewDaredevil has a clear goal in mind.

As you probably guessed, it has everything to do with Daredevil being renewed.

“Calling all Daredevil fans! Do you want Daredevil season 4 as much as we do? Help tell Netflix it’s time to renew Daredevil,” the page tweeted out recently, and it seems the group is ready to put its plan into action.

Renew Daredevil is planning to crowd source support for Daredevil season 4, and it will use social media to spotlight the hero. Starting November 30, the page will host a social hashtag every Friday between 12 - 2 p.m. EST where fans will tweet out their renewal support. All you got to do is include #DaredevilSeason4 in your social media posts to join, and the hope is that Netflix will see the fan-driven support as time goes on.

So far, the company has yet to make any announcement of a fourth season, but fans are keeping their fingers crossed. Not only was the show’s third season received well by critics, but the showrunner behind Daredevil says he’s already pitched a new season to executives.

“Just pitched Netflix Daredevil Season 4,” Erik Oleson tweeted earlier this month. “Fingers crossed!”

Following the cancellations of Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Marvel fans have been on edge about Netflix’s other Marvel titles. Daredevil is the latest series to release a new season, prompting fans to turn its eye to the blind superhero. However, Oleson has hopes for more Daredevil down the line, and he told more about them in a recent interview.


"I had the time of my life, man. I had so much fun," the showrunner explained. "If you talk to anybody in the cast and crew, or involved in the production, season three was a very pleasant experience for all of us. And we're all very proud of the teamwork that made the final product possible. So yeah, I'm hopeful that I'll get to do it again."

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