Daredevil Prepares to Take on Mortal Kombat's Kenshi in MultiVersus Art

The characters of Mortal Kombat have become used to the idea of facing heroes and villains from other universes in recent years, taking on the DC Universe quite a bit thanks to crossover games like Mortal Kombat vs DC, Injustice, and appearances from a host of faces in the core Mortal Kombat franchise, including Spawn, Terminator, and more. One universe they haven't had the chance to interact with much though is the Marvel Universe, and while we'll have to wait a bit to see any kind of official crossover happen most likely, BossLogic gave us a peek at what that could look like in his newest MultiVersus art, featuring Daredevil and Kenshi facing off, who are both blind but not any less lethal.

The defender of Hell's Kitchen can be seen in his Netflix incarnation, played by Charlie Cox. While the show ended after season 3, you can see the character live on here, as he attempts to get a sense of where Kenshi is in the next hallway. He seems to have a bead on him, but if you know Kenshi, you know Kenshi isn't anyone's prey.

Kenshi is seen in the next hallway, and he appears to be attempting to find his target as well. Kenshi has his trademark sword in hand, and appears to be listening to it and sensing the energy in the building to find Daredevil. It remains to be seen who will track down the other first, but once they clash, you can bet this will be a battle to remember.

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Last Vs for today Daredevil Vs Kenshi (Mortal Kombat) This is one for those who know 😁 OK go! #MultiVersus

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You can check out the art above.

"Last Vs for today Daredevil Vs Kenshi (Mortal Kombat)
This is one for those who know 😁 OK go! #MultiVersus"

Both Daredevil and Kenshi are blind, but as fans know, that doesn't make them any less dangerous. That said, their abilities work in slightly different ways.

Daredevil has what he calls a radar sense, which is a result of his other heightened senses coming together to form a wavelength-like map of where he is at, which is often helped along by sound reverberating through the world. When we say heightened, we mean it, as Daredevil can literally hear someone's heartbeat racing, which comes in handy in his day job.


Kenshi's way of seeing is more spiritual in nature, as he can sense someone's presence by seeing their energy as it were, allowing him to find people or beings that are actively hiding as well. That said, his hearing is also deftly acute, so don't expect to just sneak up on him, even if you're Daredevil. If you do get the drop on him, he is then helped by the spirits in his sword during battle, so again, you're in for a fight.

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