Is Daredevil's She-Hulk Suit The Same One From the Netflix Series?

Fans have officially had a week to pore over the latest announcements from Marvel Studios' massive Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, with many zeroing in on one of the largest reveals of the event — the confirmation that Daredevil (Charlie Cox) will appear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The character is only seen in a few shots, which quickly confirm he'll be sporting his iconic yellow suit.

Though the suit has been recolored, look close enough and you'll begin to wonder — could that be the same suit the vigilante wore in his self-titled series? Of course we know the Netflix suit was black and red but if you look at the parts of the suits, they match up save for the color and various updates.


Look at the ab area in particular. The abdominal padding is laid and constructed identically on both suits, as are the areas on his side and hips. The clips on the character's rib cage are the same on both as it the belt, save for an added snap on the updated suit. Could the suit be the same one he got from Melvin Potter in Daredevil, only to update it at some point through The Blip?

"I don't think we ever, in a million years, thought that we would be allowed to use them, because we didn't know what the status was of the character," She-Hulk head writer Jessica Gao said about using the character during a chat with Collider at San Diego Comic-Con. "And then, I can't remember how, we got wind that he was coming back and that it was Charlie Cox, and we were like, 'Wait, does that I mean we can use him? Are we allowed?' And when they told us yeah, I mean, we couldn't believe it, we thought we were being pranked."

Daredevil: Born Again is expected to drop Spring 2024. Te first three seasons of Daredevil and The Defenders limited series can now be seen on Disney+.

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